A big hello to everyone from MakoDigitial Arts CIC!

It’s been a long time coming but we’re finally up and running and ready to start work. We’re ready to start helping communities across the UK to express themselves creatively through the various mediums of digital art and technology.

But before we begin, we thought it’d be a good idea for everyone to have a quick history lesson…

A brief history of Mako

For anybody that know’s anything about the world and works of ‘Mako‘, we’ve been busy working in various forms of digital media, with people and clients of all ages, for over 6 years now.


MakoMedia works with small and medium-sized businesses, helping business owners with everything digital, from websites to videos, printing, mobiles apps and more.

MakoMedia’s team of media professionals are passionate about developing quality multimedia content, across a wide variety of platforms for business across the UK.


MakoEducation works with schools, libraries, youth centres and social housing trusts, engaging and educating people of all ages via the use of digital technologies and multimedia platforms. From computer game design to robot coding, video production, stop-motion animation, photography and more.

So what MakoDigital Arts CIC all about then?

Well, in order for us to be able to work with as many people as possible in your local community, we needed to set up as a CIC (community interest company).

The companies outlined above are part of a business ‘Partnership’ and because of this, it put’s several barriers up in terms of the funds that they can apply for – So, in order to be able to deliver the sort of fun, engaging and informative workshops (that the skilled staff at MakoEducation deliver on a daily basis) we have setup MakoDigital Arts CIC.

This all means that MakoDigital Arts CIC can now apply to lots of lovely organisations who might be able to fund us to deliver fantastic art and technology based workshops to people who can really benefit from them… FOR FREE! HURRAH!!


Our vision is a community that can express themselves creatively through digital art

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide expert guidance, which inspires communities to embrace creativity and express themselves through digital arts, media and technology.