Some big news from MakoDigitial Arts CIC!

After lots of hours (actually, more likely to be days) spent working on funding applications, MakoDigital Arts CIC has finally been successful in securing funding, to enable us to run fun and engaging digital arts-based workshops in Runcorn.

The bid was gratefully accepted by the Alfred Shaw Trust Fund and enables us to run 3 music orientated workshops to NEET young people (and those at risk of becoming NEET) in Runcorn.

Project Outline

This grant will be used to offer a series of workshops in Digital Arts & Technology, to disadvantaged young people in Runcorn aged between 11-16.

There will be three workshops which will focus on digital music making. Each workshop will be 90 minutes long and will teach young people the fundamentals of how to express themselves through digital music making. The workshops will cover sampling, mixing, beat making, composing and music production.

It is important to note that the young people do not need their own equipment and they do not need to have any prior experience, we cater for mixed abilities from a new starter to those who are confident in music making.


All of MakoDigital Arts CIC’s actions will work towards three core goals. Achieving these three goals will remove barriers to learning, encourage creativity and promote positive social interactions across the community

1. Learning

We will improve peoples’ knowledge and understanding of digital arts, media and technology. This will inspire people to have confidence in their ability to learn new skills and empower them to utilise these skills in a positive way, which will enhance their lives.

2. Creativity

We will provide people with the means to creatively express themselves and communicate their thoughts and feelings via the use of digital arts, media and technology.

3. Social Impact

We will use group work and social interaction based learning to help improve participants’ communication and interpersonal skills. Creative expression will help to build their confidence. Acquisition of new knowledge and technical skills will improve employability prospects for participants. Overall, having a positive social impact on the whole community.

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Our vision is a community that can express themselves creatively through digital art

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide expert guidance, which inspires communities to embrace creativity and express themselves through digital arts, media and technology.