As part of the Culture Matters project, Mako Digital Arts CIC were commissioned by wehearttech CIC to bring our Code-A Drone workshop to Liverpool Makefest 2017 back in June. We was very happy to take part in this event, after hearing about our successful bidding application. This marks the third year that Makefest has taken place in Liverpool Central Library. A venue ideal for many visitors to drop into stalls and workshops held by over 200 exhibitioners all taking place from the ground floor and onto the rooftops.


Each Makefest has an overall theme. Makefest 2017 explored the variety of fun and interesting things that young people in the Liverpool community can see and do. The appeal of Makefest is that there is something for everyone and every type of maker, in both analogue and digital settings.

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Ian at Mako Digital Arts CIC, is one of our Code-A-Drone workshop mentors. During this one day takeover of all things artistic, we held two workshops throughout the day with a drop in session afterwards. As a result we were able to showcase our drones to anybody who wanted to learn more about the power of coding and how it allows the user to be able to pilot their very own drone.

Using iPads and hands on teaching by our experts on how to write programming codes. Inside a room filled with excitement and curiosity, the learners can command drones to perform certain tasks. We was able to use the spacious library to make our very own obstacle course. These drones can be navigated and perform a variety of flying techniques and stunts to build up some fun and competition during the day.

Code, fly, navigate and win points.

Makefest at Liverpool Library with people watching drone flying

Many other creative activities were on display throughout the day. Makefest shows how creativity encompasses many forms. From steampunk fashionistas at the stalls, to astronomy viewings on the rooftops. These arts and crafts stalls showcased crafting with different textiles. With painting and printing to be done onto materials for visitors. This meant that many could now take home a personalised piece as a memento. 

This event was aimed towards inspiring the next generation to explore creativity and technology. To help shape our future leaders and expose them to the possibilities available to them, learning all about what these makers can do.  A full list of exhibitors can be found on the Makefest website. We’re also looking forward to the eventual “Young MakeFest’ taking place in March 2018 following their successful runnings.

Check out this video  provided by wehearttech CLC for a guided tour of the day itself