We are excited to announce that MakoDigital Arts has been included in Tesco’s Community Grants scheme. From October 1st until the end of the year you can vote for us at Widnes’ Tesco Extra on Ashley Retail Park. Blue tokens are available with any purchase made in-store so whether you’re doing your weekly shop, or popping in for a sandwich on your lunch break, we’d hugely appreciate a token in MakoDigital Arts’ collection box.

Any reward we receive from Tesco will be reinvested into our digital activities programme; whether we buy new equipment, hire more staff or develop bigger, better workshops we want to increase the positive impact MakoDigital Arts can make in our local community. The young people and adult learners we work with in Halton deserve the best creative experiences we can provide, and every vote for us is another step towards our goals.

So a big thank you to Tesco for including us in Community Grants, and thanks to everyone who votes for us in-store.

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