We are really excited to announce the Animating Halton’s Heritage project!

The project exploring trade in Halton will culminate in a 2D animation being revealed at Heritage HQ in September.

The project allows people of all ages to get involved with different parts of the animation, from storyboarding and archive research, to animation and submitting stories.

That’s where we need your help!

Before we can get started with the animation, we need a story. Do you have a story from your family or something you’ve heard over the years, about trade in Halton that would make for an exciting animation?

This could be from any time in Halton’s extensive trade history; Tanning, chemicals, watchmaking, soap works or something different linking to that part of Halton’s past.

We have made a form for you to submit your stories to us, which we are looking forward to reading.

Keep an eye on the Project page for more ways you can get involved.

Would you like to submit a story?

If you would like to submit a story to be considered for the animation, fill out the form and we will have a read.