If you’re looking to boost your YouTube channel and gain more views, creating viral YouTube Shorts is a great way to do it. By understanding the elements that make videos go viral, you can create engaging and shareable content that will help you reach a larger audience.

In this blog post, we’ll break down the key components of creating viral YouTube Shorts and provide you with actionable tips to make it happen, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make your YouTube short go viral! Follow these 6 simple steps to ensure your YouTube Shorts stand out from the rest.

  1. Go Full Screen

One of the unique features of YouTube Shorts is the ability to go full-screen with your video. This helps grab the viewer’s attention and make your video more immersive. 

    Youtube Shorts
    1. Create an Attention-Grabbing Hook

    The first few seconds of your YouTube Shorts are crucial for grabbing the viewer’s attention. Make sure to start your video with something eye-catching, whether it’s a catchy intro or an exciting action. You want the viewer to want to keep watching until the end.

    1. Keep your Video Short and Sweet

    YouTube Shorts is all about short, snackable content. While there is no hard and fast rule for the length of a YouTube Shorts video, aim to keep your videos under a minute. This will help keep the viewer’s attention and make it more likely that they will watch your entire video.

      Youtube Shorts
      1. Make Sure your Video is High Quality

      To make your YouTube Shorts stand out, it’s important to make sure it’s of high quality. This means having good lighting, a stable camera, and clear audio. You can also use filters and editing tools to enhance your video’s overall look and feel.

      1. Audio is Essential

      The audio in your YouTube Shorts is just as important as the visual elements. Choose a catchy song or sound effect to add energy and interest to your video. You can also use the audio to set the mood or theme of your video

      1. Add #shorts into the Title of your Video

      Whilst it is no longer required for you to put #short in your YouTube Short’s title, it does help to make your video more discoverable.

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