Stop Loan Sharks –

Anti – Loan Shark Video Project 

Are you a self-professed TikToker? Do you know all about making viral videos for social media and want to join a collaborative project to help raise awareness of loan sharks? Or are you just starting your video production journey and want to learn what it’s all about? Then this project is for you!

Digital Arts Box is working in partnership with England Illegal Money Lending Team and Cheshire Constabulary on a project focused on informing Halton residents about the dangers of Loan Sharks.

During the sessions, we will explore loan sharks; who they are, how they go about exploiting vulnerable people and what young people should do if they believe a family member is involved with a loan shark. We will then work together to create shareable videos that aims to promote awareness of illegal money lending which will be used in a marketing campaign across our social media platforms.

Our workshops will combine the exploration of technical video production skills; such as framing a subject, editing a range of shots and exporting content correctly, with an exchange of ideas on how to create great social media content.

The resulting video content will be shared on Digital Arts Box’s social media channels, to promote awareness of illegal money lending through an engaging and current medium.

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